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The Tybee Tourist


We encourage you to keep your money

where your heart is...think local first.


The Tybee Tourist is dedicated to providing quality services to our Tybee's many visitors, as well as our local sponsors. Our goal is to maintain focus on local businesses, throughout the year. This is especially important in a small, rural community such as Tybee Island, where the majority, if not all of our businesses are independent and locally owned, as opposed to nationally owned chains.


Studies show that when you buy from a local business rather than a large, nationally owned corporation, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses.  This practice stabilizes and strengthens the local base economy long-term, encouraging more business, and more economic growth for small businesses.


The Tybee Tourist believes that everyone, whether visiting or local, should work to keep Tybee Island unique.  The places we shop...the places we play... they all come together in a place we call "home", and some call "home away from home."  The Tybee Tourist believes that everyone should celebrate our home; that everyone should support our unique, one-of-a-kind businesses that work together, creating a distinctive character that pervades Tybee Island.  


The Tybee Tourist pledges to work diligently, providing local merchants opportunities to focus on local sales.  The Tybee Tourist also pledges to provide special events and activities that benefit business visibility and enhance cultural experience in the local Tybee Island community. Our goal is to help you brand your business successfully, for your neighbor and the visitor from across the country.  


The Tybee Tourist is dedicated to "thinking outside the box" and discovering new opportunities within Tybee Island while we to establish and maintain a stronger bond with and among sponsors and the local community at large.