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Jewelry Designs

  featuring  The Tybee Tourist

Sarah is Butler, GA native who spent a mess of years in the Midwest (St. Louis, MO), and ended up with her husband, Bill, in Savannah, Ga.  On any given day, she's busy living life one day at a time, making sure she smells the roses along the path of life, and counting her blessings.  She is passionate about her family, her friends and her pets. 



You can find Sarah's designs at:


Justabreeze Framing and Gallery                    Savannah Arts Association's

1207 US 80 East                                                        Gallery on Chippewa

Tybee Island, GA 31328                                             232 Bull Street

912-358-9200                                                           Savannah, GA 31401



 Miranda's Loom                                                   The Tybee Tourist 

115B Lincoln Square                                               Etsy Store

Irbana, IL  61801

Savannah Arts Airport Gallery

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

400 Airways Avenue

Savannah, GA 31408


Create An Artspace Gallery

This is how it all began


In 2014, Sarah's youngest daughter, Cailin (who is high-functioning autistic) decided that she wanted to be a business owner after graduating from a local high school with a Special Education Diploma. That diploma, Cailin found, certified that she attended school, but did little more than help her get a base-line job. 


With help from Sarah (MIC-Mom in Charge) and Bill (Just call me "Tote and Fetch"), her parents, Cailin's dream became a reality. Cailin began the business, Cailibeez Jewelry, creating and designing jewelry with help from her mom, and insight from friends and family. A portion of each sale was donated to a local charity - Kidd's Kids, The Humane Society, Savannah Parkinson's.  Any additional funds were put right back into the business, purchasing supplies and tools so that the business could grow and expand.


That dedication and determination led Caili B to McDonald's, where she has worked for several years.  Cailin had learned to interact with colleagues, bosses and customers appropriately.  She had learned to manage money, add sales tickets (including tax), and provide accurate change (without a computer).  She had learned to take pride in her work, and the work she represented and to take pride in herself and her appearance.  Several years later now, Cailin is enrolled in McDonald's High School Program (a "real" online high school), works 40-60 hours a week, and usually has a second job, as well.  She looks forward to starting college in the next year or so, and studying forensics.  


Sarah (with insight and suggestions from Cailin) creates, designs and repairs unique jewelry using mostly upcycled (usually broken), recycled metals and vintage jewelry; and is always on the lookout for used/aged tin, aluminum, copper, silver, etc. Sarah loves to have components and findings that have a rich history and unique story before she meets them.  


The samples below are great examples of the collaboration between Sarah and Cailin, which has been influenced over time by many local artists, instructors, friends and family.   Sarah also enjoys the "organic influence" of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina - the beach, the islands and the sun.