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Host a Trunk Show

The Tybee Tourist collaborates with groups and businesses locally and across the US to provide trunk shows with unique, one-of-a-kind items, made by local artists and artisans.  




At each of our trunk shows, we ensure that those attending have an outstanding selection of jewelry, from boho to pearls, so they can shop for that unique piece, for themselves, a friend, or a loved-one.


We work with the group or business hosting the trunk show, ensuring that the selection of jewelry that we send is tailored to the needs of their customers in order to maximize sucess of the trunk show.


We are happy to bring our show to you, within a 100-mile geographic area.  If it is more than 100 miles away, we mail you the items, with a 10% downpayment, for you to set up and sell in your business, show, or display.  Locally,  we can create pop-ups (inside or outside), or set up in the corner of your shop or showplace.  All items displayed will be chosen especially for your clientele.  When the shopping is over and your trunk show is complete, you simply pack up the unsold items, do a little simple math figure our percentage, and mail it all back to us.


What's The Process?


Local Trunk Shows (within 100 mile radius)

You notify us of the date you would like to have your trunk show and how long you would like to have it run.  This can be done with the form found here.  

We verify the dates, get a 10% downpayment, and begin to assist you in advertising your event.  We work with you to make sure invitations go out, newspapers are notified, and social media is kept up to date.  

On the day that the trunk show begins, our representative or small team, depending on the size of the trunk show,  will arrive early at your home, office, or otherwise predetermined destination, with all materials needed to set up a beautiful display. Our team will set up the display before the event and clean up our space after the event. We can display inside a building, or with prior notification, can literally pop up a tent for our display.  

We can even keep track of sales, if needed, as long as we are notified prior to the event,  Otherwise, we assist you.  When the evening is complete, we sit down with you, total all sales and determine the amount to be paid so all fees can be paid.  If we keep track of the sales, we provide you with the total sales and percentage that you will receive.  All fees must be received within 5 working days of the end of the trunk show, or a 5% fee will be assessed weekly, until it is paid in full.  Most who sponsor a trunk show choose to pay by credit card that night or soon after.  Returned checks will be assessed a $45 returned check fee.

Prior to your event, depending on the timeline, we help you advertise the events.  We often help with the flyers, photos, information and any press releases that you might need.  We will offer suggestions for successful marketing and advertising at your request. We make sure we have your written approval prior to releasing any information.


You send out the invitations and contact the appropriate people, sending the information provided, and voile' you have a successful and profitable trunk show geared to your customers or your population.



If We Mail Our Trunk Show


You are required to sign a contract agreeing to receive our products, sell them, return the unused products to us, and provide us with a final check for any sales that you made.  At the time you submit your contract, you are required to provide a 10% downpayment and a $40 shipping fee.  Our office pays any additional shipping costs.  If the show is small, and shipping fees in both directions are less than $40, we will refund the difference back to you.

With the signed contract and downpayment,  we will assist you with the event, helping with  the flyers, photos, information and press release(s) needed. 

We will offer suggestions for successful marketing and advertising at your request. You will be required to approve (in writing) any advertisement prior to its release.

You will set up for the event.

You will collect the sales and report any taxes to the state.

You will complete the form(s) provided that determine the percentage that each of us receives from sales when the trunk show is complete.

You will pack the unsold jewelry and return it to our studio by mail (we ship it to you and provide you with return postage. You will either call and provide us with a credit card to pay the remaining amount owed, or send a check in the return package for the total remainder owed to The Tybee Tourist. Trunk shows are not returned and paid in full by 5 working days after the end of the show will be charged the remaining 90% on the credit card provided previously. Returned checks will be charged a $45 returned check fee.



Our trunk shows are wildly successful.  Call us and set a date for your show now!



To host a trunk show, email: