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Parking on Tybee Island

General Parking Rules

Parking fees on Tybee Island help to support much of the lifestyle that you and Tybee Locals enjoys. Parking supports lifeguards on the beach, keeping the beach clean, providing emergency services, and supplying our July 4th Fireworks, and warning everyone of impending inclement weather from the wind and tides.


Because of this, you 8 AM-8PM, 365 days a year, even weekends and holidays.  Anyone purchasing parking should willl find that there is no free public parking on Tybee Island.  The City of Tybee Island  enforces parking fees from pPay before leaving the car, ensuring the receipt is on the dash of your car.

The City of Tybee Island utilizes Pay-and-Display machines to collect parking fees.   The barrier gate systems have been removed from the parking lots.  Many of the traditional parking meters have been removed as well.


Regardless, the rates throughout Tybee Island are $2 per hour, 8AM-8PM, year-round.  Additionally, visitors may purchase up to 3 days parking with a credit card at the Pay & Display Machines.






























City of Tybee Island

General Parking Guide

  • Shows parking lots and major areas 

  • shows a variety of Tybee Island​ amenities


Pay & Display Machine

General Information


Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

Directions - Cash Payments

  • Machines accept nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins.  They do not accept pennies!

  • Coins must be inserted into the slots equivalent to the time desired.

  •  Press "Print" Button

  • Pull receipt from the hinged slot area

  • Display receipt on the dashboard

Directions - Debit/Credit Card

  • There is a minimum 2-hour parking charge when using debit or credit cards ($4)


Note:  The receipt from the Pay & Dsiplay machine is valid at any valid parking space, including the metered parking spots, as long as it has not expired.

Tybee Island Parking Fines




Parking against Traffic                                                                $20

Expired Parking Pass                                                                   $20

Parking near a fire hydrant                                                     $100

Parking in a handicap space (w/out a permit)                   $100

No readable receipt (even if it can be  seen)                         $20

NO parking receipt                                                                       $35    (NOTE:  a full day only costs $24)

Parking at yellow curb or non-designated space                $50

Late Fee - not paying your parking fine on time                 $10

Any additional questions or concerns can be answered by the City of Tybee Island (912-472-5101).