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Rebecca "Becky" Marcussen is a Savannah, GA artist and founding partner in the SAA Chippewa Square Gallery.  She is also a long time leader and charter member of the Effingham (IL) Art Guild and a member of the Southeastern Pastel Society.  


Becky is a long-time artist instructor, having taught at all instructional (Pre-K through college).  She also designed and implemented curriculum appropriate for a wide variety of Differently Abled Levels in programs such as ARC, SAA Outreach and even her own studio.  


Becky is (almost) completely retired now, working a few days a week and focusing on painting and art instructor the rest of the time.  She remains dedicated to her students success, teaching a wide variety of mediums in diverse area venues, as well as her home.  Becky happily provides small group and individual instruction.  She can be easily reached by call or text at (217) 343-2827.

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