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Support Movement 

Disorders in the Savannah Area



7th Annual Tybee Island Kite Festival

November 3, 2019


North Beach

Tybee Island

Photographer:  John Paul Peiret


The Savannah Movement Disorders Community


Dr. Alice P. Gerber, Founder  Savannah Parkinson Support Group

A Tribute

In 1980, Marx Gerber, beloved husband of Dr. Alice P. Gerber of Tybee Island, was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. With few resources in the Savannah area, Dr. Gerber and Marx set out to find out more about this illness and its effects. They very quickly realized that Savannah, though unique in so many ways, had few resources for those with a movement disorder such as Parkinson disease, Essential Tremor or even a neurological disorder such as Multiple Sclerosis. Over the next thirty years ( and then some), Dr, Gerber teamed up with individuals, organizations, hospitals and anyone who could help to assist in developing a network for families touched by such illnesses. Today, we see that realized in places such as the Savannah Parkinson Support Group, The Movement Disorders Program at St. Joseph's Candler Hospital, the GEM (Get Excited and Move) Exercise Program at Anderson-Cohen Weightlifting Center, and the DYV (Discover Your Voice) Choir at Savannah Commons. Each of these programs roots were tended at the hands of Dr. Gerber. Tenacious and resilient, at more than 85 years old, Dr. Gerber continues to work for the cause she has come to love-raising funds, providing practical advice (learned through experience), and sometimes just leading an ear to a worried PwP (Person with Parkinson) and/or family member. This day celebrates all of those people in Savannah who have been touched by Parkinson disease, Essential Tremor, MS, Restless Leg, Lewy Body Dementia, Huntington's disease or any one of a plethora of other movement disorder maladies. Join Savannah Parkinson Support Group as we salute and pay tribute to Dr. Gerber for her many years of support, and to our movement disorders community (those diagnosed and those who support those diagnosed). Without any one of these hardworking people (diagnosed, paid or volunteer), we would not have the services that exist for such diagnoses in Savannah today.


How Can You Help?


Come fly a kite on North Beach to honor our community between 12 PM-4PM on Saturday, November 3, 2018. A $10 donation provides a cup of Chef's fabulous gumbo and a beautifully colored delta kite for flying on the beach. Vendors from throughout the Savannah area will also be set up, providing information related to services available to the movement disorders community in the Chatham County area.


What Do You Do?


Kites may be pre-ordered by completing a donation registration here using PayPal or Credit Card. This will generate a ticket that you can bring with you on November 3rd to exchange for your kite and gumbo voucher. You can choose from a regular Delta kite, a specialty kite or a children's kite. All donations include a cup of the NBG's delicious gumbo.


What do the kites look like?





























What About Vendors?


Vendors may pay vendor fees here , as well. A copy of the Tybee Island Special Event Vendor form must be submitted to by Friday, November 19, 2018, along with your $35 vendor fee. Note: As a vendor, you are allowed only to provide information about the products and services that you provide to area residents.  Sales are prohibited by Tybee Island City Ordinance and are not allowed during the festival.  Any questions should be directed to


$25 will be paid to the City of Tybee Island, on your behalf, as a vendor fee and $10 will be given as a donation to Savannah Parkinson Support Group.  You will receive one regular kite of your choice and a  cup of gumbo from NBG.  Additional kites may be ordered on the application form here.


In addition to the fee, all vendors must also submit the Special Event Vendor form to prior to October 19th.  Forms received by the City of Tybee Island after October 19th may not have time to be processed by the City of Tybee Island prior to the event.  DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO THE CITY OF TYBEE ISLAND - email to or mail to The Tybee Tourist, PO Box 951, Tybee Island, GA  31328  so that they can be received prior to October 19th.


Any additional questions should be directed to, or leave a message at 912-289-7038.

Children's kites are smaller.  Some are made from heavy paper and some from plastic.  They might look like this, have sea animals on them or superheroes.

For a donation of $20, SPSG will find you an amazing kite to fly.  

Specialty Kites are unique.  There will only be one or two like them on the beach.  They may be 2D or 3D.  They  will be exciting to fly and beautiful to display after the festival.

If you are interested in a larger or more unique kite, contact  We'll be happy to help you tailor your donation to the shape or kind of kite that you would like to fly in the festival.

Regular adult kites might look similar to these Delta kites, or they might be Diamond Shaped.  They might also be a solid color.

You will have a choice from our large variety.